4 Simple Tips

Your home will be one of the biggest investments of your life, with this privilege comes responsibility. One of the largest areas of neglect that we see as water intrusion professionals is regular maintenance on one’s home.  Here are four simple tips that can help you over come common water-intrusions problems:

1. Check the condition of your roof (if possible), to ensure it’s integrity.

2. Check around doors and windows, particularly at the corners, to see if there are cracks in the stucco or gaps between building materials because theses are key points where water can get into the home and cause damage.

3. Regularly check your water bill, if you notice a large hike in your monthly dues, this can be commonly caused by some sort of water leak.

4. If you have any  tile in your home, especially the kitchen or bathroom, be sure to reseal the grout lines once a year; in hard water conditions it’s best to seal the grout twice a year. This may seem irrelevant but TRUST me over time an entire shower pan can be victimized to water damage; causing  thousands of dollars in repairs.